Phenotype: ENTP Rss

Myers-Briggs personality. Extroversion, intuition, thinking, perceptive.

User Variation
Standard head S. Grose risk taker, easy going, outgoing, social, open, rule breaker
K thomas pickard K. Thomas Pickard ENFP
Standard head Lb ESTJ
Img 9708 5 Bastian Greshake Tzovaras INTP
Standard head Kelvin Lynch risk taker, easy going, outgoing, social, open, rule breaker
Standard head Justin Loe Intp
Standard head Al risk taker, easy going, outgoing, social, open, rule breaker
Avatar Rhonda Lea Kirk Fries INTJ
Standard head Sune Wallentin G√łttler INTJ
Standard head Laura Wilson ENTJ
Standard head Angel Harris ISFJ
Standard head Stinky Jerome Intp
Standard head Jennifer Jewell Intj
88 a Not ENTP
Standard head Donald Meek Risk taker, easy going, outgoing, social, open, rule breaker
Standard head JS ENTP
Standard head Cathalex Intj
Nic wheat Nic MT Entp
Standard head Stephanie Morris ENFJ
Standard head Ian ESFN
Standard head atelepen Intj
Standard head maru67 Intj
Standard head Munkey Businez Intj
Standard head frankhpns Entj
Standard head Teresa Hassig INFJ
Standard head Michelle Seibold Isfj
Standard head Oceangirl Entp
Standard head CJ Intj
Img 20170309 134721 975 keely INFP
Standard head Charity Infp
Standard head sheeshoo Infj
Standard head sheeshoo Infj
Standard head JMN Enfj
Avatar body Anaro Lexnon Not entp
Standard head Pamela Infp
Standard head Ray Miler Entp
Standard head Morgan Johnston Intp
374230 2571358371591 1045501195 neu itschac Not entp
Standard head Colette Pocalpyse Intp
Standard head Jim Williamson Enfp
Lipperose AllGerman (Not!) INTP the P is weak at 51%
Standard head Michael Lopez Intp
Standard head Clara Joyce Schaeffer Miller do not know
Standard head Patricia Sullivan Infj
10514761 10152614223261318 550619279108175321 n MapleLox Intj
Standard head Axel Intp
Profile pics 2 Cathy Bennett Do not know
Standard head Robin Goldberg Infp
P1000367 Vivek Enfp
Standard head lonewolf Do not know
Standard head Sean McCLellan Intj
Standard head Kelly Neff Infp
Standard head Mae Intp
Meandtree Callie Infj
Standard head Nicol Enfp
Mdeckermiller Melissa Risk taker, easy going, outgoing, social, open, rule breaker
Parrettlogo Mikaeru Entp
Standard head Parousia Intj
10702049 10100201952367981 7508149730098751538 n splendidspoon Enfp
Standard head JENNIFER SMITH Do not know
My genos BronzeAge Intp
Standard head Valentijn Intj
Standard head Tonya Geldbach Isfj
Standard head Sarah New Infp
Standard head Debie Downs Intj
Standard head John Fisher Enfp
Standard head Murray Love Intp
Standard head BP508 Intj
Standard head Marci Isfj
Standard head Erin Infp
Standard head Rosemarie Russell Do not know
Standard head Mark Donnelly Entj
Gollaher michaelm 2008alaskapioneerpeep OGolly Intp
Standard head Stephen Smith Intp
Standard head Mary Phillips Intj
Standard head Julian Intj
Standard head Karen Connelly Infj
Standard head Xavier Newell Enfp
Standard head Katie Intp
Standard head Daniel Intj
48044 434942891483 2650288 n Tara Star Intp
Standard head cole tate Enfp
Standard head katelynn Infj
Img 5279 Kristen L. Ramsay Intj
Standard head Sarah Intp
Randy Randy LeJeune Infp
Standard head Alexandria Hilliard Intj
Standard head B Do not know
Standard head gardv Infp
Standard head emurphy4 Entp
Standard head laschai Enfp
Standard head CanadianHeathen Entp
Standard head lms18808 Infj
Standard head LoveLove815 Enfp
Standard head Ilan Not entp
Standard head Audrey Burns Intj
Standard head Sarah Pence Enfj
Standard head morganmarch Entp
Dna strand Getazaliset Entp
Standard head Chanelle Enfp

John Lloyd Scharf

Pseudo Science.

03.01.2012 02:47

These designations are assumed to be pseudoscience.


Samantha B. Clark

10.02.2012 19:37

there is already a myers-briggs phenotype

Standard head

S. Grose

already myers-briggs

18.04.2012 13:32 @Samantha B. Clark

Samantha, you are right, this phenotype is a duplication. i set up the ENTP before the myers-briggs phenotype was added. I should have named my phenotype: Myers-Briggs. The two phenotypes would be better converged into one phenotype under "myers-briggs." Not sure how to go about this. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Standard head

S. Grose

18.04.2012 13:36 @John Lloyd Scharf

For many individuals and companies, the myers-briggs type is helpful, definitive. Nothing works for everyone.

Standard head

S. Grose

risk taker, rule breaker...

18.04.2012 14:06 @S. Grose

It is interesting that most of people who responded to ENTP phenotype were extroverted, and probably relating to the description such as risk, taker, rule breaker, outgoing ...not to the ENTP type designation. Under the Myers-Briggs phenotype there are far more introverts. So, in that way my awkward phenotype has given me unexpected insight. My hope was to find another ENTP to compare notes with. So far none.

Standard head

S. Grose

Feedback from researchers

18.04.2012 14:15

Is anyone else interested in knowing something unique or conversational that has been found by these researchers? I'd like to get feedback from the researchers who are downloading our genetic data. Information is going out but information is not coming in. I'd like to get a conversation going between the researchers and SNP users whether professional researchers or merely the curious outside the walls of ivy.

Img 9708 5

Bastian Greshake Tzovaras


05.05.2012 10:32 @S. Grose

This is a good point and a thing I also would like to see. But I think currently there are no researchers who have used the openSNP data to create new insights into human genetics as our sample size is still to small. With ~150 participants as of now you don't have the statistical power to create meaningful insights.

Known Phenotypes:
  • Risk taker, easy going, outgoing, social, open, rule breaker
  • Enfp
  • Estj
  • Intp
  • Intj
  • Entj
  • Isfj
  • Not entp
  • Entp
  • Enfj
  • Esfn
  • Infj
  • Infp
  • Intp the p is weak at 51%
  • Do not know