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Characteristic Variation
Gambling No
Caffeine dependence No
Dietary supplements used b12
Diet Vegan / plant-based
Tooth sensitivity Sweet, cold
OCD - Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder No
Pseudocholinesterase deficiency No
Beh├žet's Syndrome / Disease (Behcet's) No
Father or grandfather died of Prostate Cancer No
Mother's eye color Brown
Handedness left-handed
Lactose intolerance lactose-intolerant
Eye color Brown
Ability to Tan Yes
Nicotine dependence ex-smoker, 7 cigarettes/day
Hair Color brown
Hair Type Wavy
Amblyopia True
Strabismus True
Astigmatism True
Colour Blindness False
Do you like the taste of hops? No
Abnormal Blood Pressure Normal
Does cilantro taste like soap to you? No
Asthma Had as a child, not anymore
Tongue roller Non-Roller
Moles raised rare
Freckling None
Beard Color No beard-female
white skin True
Webbed toes None
Morton's Toe Second Toe Longer
Artistic ability No
Do hops taste like soap? Yes
Interest in Spirituality and Mysticism medium
Good / poor eater as child good eater
Number of wisdom teeth 4
Subjective dream intensity high
Political Ideology Libertarian
Sex female
Taste of broccoli fucking delicious
Jogger never
Type II Diabetes normal
Physician-diagnosed celiac/coeliac disease no
Penis Length N/A
Penis Circumference at Glans N/A
Sneezing induced by sexual ideation or orgasm? no response
Ability to find a bug in openSNP c-c-combo breaker!
Number of toes 10 (5 + 5)
Wake up preference late riser
Peanut butter preference Like peanut butter and prefer chunky.
Musical Perfect Pitch No
Dyslexia No
Index Toe Longer than Big Toe Index Toe Larger Than Big Toe
ring finger longer than index finger No
hair on fingers slight
natural skinny no
Enjoy driving a car no
(Male) Nipple's size N/A
(male) penis releases pre-cum when sexually aroused. N/A
libido High
lips size big
Acrophobia no
Insect bites and stings very sensitive
Lisp no
Enjoy using the Internet yes
Intolerance: gluten, casein, soy no intolerance
Photic Sneeze Reflex (Photoptarmis) no sneezing
Fish Preference Dislike
SAT - when taken From country with no sat
Allergic/bad reaction to fish oil supplements No
SAT Math Country with no sat
Panic Disorder No
Migraine frequency 1-2
Earwax type Wet
SAT Verbal Country with no sat
prognathism Maxillary prognathism
Aspirin Allergy No
Widow's Peak No
Woolnerian Tip (Darwin's Tubercle) No
Energy Level Low
apthous in mouth tendency Rare
Eye with Blue Halo No
Penicillin reaction None
SAT Writing Country with no sat
Sense of smell Average
Height 171 cm
Sports interest No interest in sports
Sport interest No
Cystic Fibrosis Like Disease No
Can you smell cut-grass? Yes
Asparagus Metabolite Detection Yes
erectil disfunction N/A
Hypermobility None
sex drive High
Ear wiggling No
rolled tongue No
Ectopia Lentis No
Phobia Yes
congenital talipes equinovarus (CTEV) No
Multiple Sclerosis None
Keloid None
Depression Yes
Do you like the taste of bananas? Yes
Can You Spread Your Toes? Yes- both feet
Hair color changed from blonde to brown Always brown
Age you started wearing glasses 10
Dimple in the chin No
Body shape Inverted triangle
Eyebrow Mover Left eyebrow can be raised only
Do you have dust-mite allergies No- I do not have dust-mite allergies
Extra Fingers (Polydactyly) None
Do you grind your teeth Yes
No headaches EVER False
Impacted Canines Canines not impacted
SLE - Lupus Not diagnosed with sle
Supernumerary Kidney No
African No
Ear - darwin's tubercle Not present
Enneagram Personality Type Type 5 - thinker / masterful hermit
Personality Disorder test - top result Schizotypal
First word Dada
Ancestry Balkan
Enjoy watching TV Moderate
Retinitis pigmentosa No
Social Level Asocial
Degree of Empathy Low
Handwriting/Fine Motor Skills Messy
Would you invite strangers into your living space? No
how do you like your steak? Vegetarian
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator INTP
Red Hair No
Have You Been Diagnosed With Brown's Syndrome (Tendon Sheath Syndrome)? No
Do You Have Lucid Dreams? Yes, many times per year
Clotting disorder None
Female with Ring Finger longer than Index Finger No
Allergy to artificial grape flavoring No
Thyroid Issues/Cancer No thyroid issue, no cancer issue
Otosclerosis Not diagnosed with otosclerosis
Anxiety Diagnosed with anxiety
Allergy to Hair Dye None
syndactyly None