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openSNP allows customers of direct-to-customer genetic tests to publish their test results, find others with similar genetic variations, learn more about their results by getting the latest primary literature on their variations, and help scientists find new associations.

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Upload Your Genotyping File

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Upload your raw genotyping or exome data from 23andMe, deCODEme or FamilyTreeDNA to the openSNP database to make it available for everybody.

Share Your Phenotypes & Traits

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Phenotypes are the observable characteristics of your body, such as height, eye color or preference for coffee. Share your phenotype with other openSNP users and find others with similar characteristics and traits.
Your data may help scientists discover new genetic associations!

Share your stories on variations & phenotypes

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With openSNP you can share stories about your genetic variations and phenotypes, and discover the stories of other users.

Find literature on genetic variation

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openSNP gets the latest open access journal articles on genetic variations from the Public Library of Science. Popular articles are indexed via the social reference manager Mendeley and summaries are provided by SNPedia.

Search for phenotypes

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Many diseases and traits are suspected to have genetical components. Genome Wide Association Studies are a simple tool find genetic markers. Easily find people with the variation you are interested in via openSNP.

The variation you are looking for is not entered yet? Just add it to openSNP

Easily download datasets

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The mass download-function of openSNP allows you to easily download the full genotyping raw-data in the file formats that are provided by 23andMe, deCODEme and FamilyTreeDNA.

As the files can be grouped by their variations for specific phenotypes it is easy to get datasets that are already usable for association studies.

Get notified about new data

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openSNP delivers a RSS-feed for each phenotype. So you can easily get all new datasets that get available for the phenotypes of your interest, without the need to check for new entries by hand.

For all data junkies that need more data: There is also a feed that carries all new datasets.