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Characteristic Variation
Hair Color Brown-Black
Nicotine dependence Ex-Smoker. 15 cigarettes/day
Eye color hazel
Coffee consumption 4 cups/day
Hair Type Straight
Colour Blindness Not colour blind
Handedness right-handed
Height Tall
Beard Color Brown-black
Moles raised Some
Tongue roller Roller
Webbed toes non
Wake up preference late riser
Artistic ability Not artistic
Interest in Spirituality and Mysticism None
Political Ideology Libertarian
Sneezing induced by sexual ideation or orgasm? no
Jogger never
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator INTJ
Sports interest No Interest In Sports
ring finger longer than index finger No
hair on fingers yes
Lisp no
Taste of broccoli Like it
Number of toes 10 (5 + 5)
Sex Male
Number of wisdom teeth 4
white skin Caucasian
Ability to Tan Yes
Freckling No
Lactose intolerance Partially lactose intolerant - surfaces with a lot of dairy products in one day
Motion sickness Yes
Ancestry Northern european
Ability to find a bug in openSNP Somewhat
Subjective dream intensity Moderate; rarely vivid
(Male) Nipple's size Medium
Enjoy using the Internet Yes
Atheism Atheist
Fish Preference Neutral
natural skinny Yes - especially as a kid (went into low-normal range as adult)
cluster headache Yes
Tea consumption Rarely
Interested in news from real newspaper / news from the Internet Daily internet, little or no newspaper
Academic degree Ma
Body shape None of the listed ones
Penis Length 7+ inches
Persistant Muscle Pain or Fatigue Daily fatigue
Reading habits Mostly non-fiction