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Characteristic Variation
Fainting Upon Seeing Blood/Gore/Violence No
Degree of Empathy Moderate
Handwriting/Fine Motor Skills Messy but legible
sex drive Very high - monogamous. no interest outside partner
Allergy to Strawberries, Tomatoes, Citrus Yes
Black hair and Green Eyes Yes
Interstitial cystitis No
Thumb Sign (Marfan Syndrome) No
Hindfoot Valgus (Marfan Syndrome) No
Dolichocephaly: Disproportionately Long, Narrow Head & Neanderthal rs12416000(A;G) No
Retrognathia (Marfan Syndrome) No
Downslanting Palpebral Fissures Related To Marfan Syndrome No
Urticaria No idea
Kell Blood Group (K/k antigens) No idea
Rythm Test Result Never tried
Ectopia Lentis N/a
Y-DNA Haplogroup (ISOGG) N/a
Eurogenes Unknown
Second MBTI type Unknown
Physical Characteristic Early bird
Axiiety (following cannabis consumption) Rarely
Keratoconus Disease Dont have a clue
Allergy to artificial grape flavoring No
glass eye None
Aquagenic pruritus (episodes) No
Kinsey Scale Na
Affinity to Cannabis Non-user, one-time user, casual user (those who used it in the past year), regular users (those who used it in the past month), chronic users (those who have used it in the past week or more frequently)
paternal or Y haplogroup Unknown
maternal or mTDNA haplogroup Don't Know
SAT Verbal Don't remember
Penis Circumference at Glans I'm a female
(male) penis releases pre-cum when sexually aroused. N/a
(Male) Nipple's size N/a
Penis Length N/a
Pale Tan
Gray eyes,fair skin, dark blonde, o- blood Brown eyes brown hair tan skin
Desmoid Tumor Don't know.
Rheumatoid Arthritis No
Cystic Fibrosis Like Disease I dont know
Aspirin Allergy No
Lisp No
Tongue roller Tongue roller
Response to Enbrel I don't know
Artistic Talent None
Photophobia No
Malar hypoplasia in Marfan Syndrome No
Palpitations Unrelated To Food, Alcohol, Drugs or Exercise Yes
English ACT 24
ACT math 24
ACT science 20
ACT reading 27
Blood Type A1, Rh positive No
Disseminated Superficial Actinic Porokeratosis None
Dermatographia Yes, lasting hours
midtarsal flexibility Both feet
Short-sightedness (Myopia) High in one eye (right)
Interests-General Genealogy, reading, exercise, movies
Sexual Preferences Mostly opposite
Enjoy using the Internet Yes
Can you smell cut-grass? Yes
Sex Female
Handedness Right-handed
Eye color Brown