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Characteristic Variation
EBV Epstein Barr Virus history: Infectious mononucleosis history now may be not symptomatic yes mononucleosis 7 weeks ill, with fever and no energy
Pseudocholinesterase deficiency Yes
Weight 83 kg
Cigarette/Cigar Smoker No / never
Cardiac Arterial Disease No
Sensitivity to smell High
Are You The Advertising Phenotype? Yes
Vitiligo No
Sexuality Hetero
MBTI (Myers Briggs) Type Intp
paternal or Y haplogroup R1b-Z36
Affinity to Cannabis Non .. affinity to cannabis!
Axiiety (following cannabis consumption) Never used cannabis
Number of Neanderthal variants 279
Resistance To Infectious Disease Rs8177374(t;t)
music ear Medium
Alcohol Consumption (per week) Rare
Alcoholism None
Cocaine addiction No
Heroin addiction No
shoe size (US MEN) 9 1/2
immune thrombocytopenia None
Toenail or fingernail fungus Never
Prone to Cysts Yes Spermatocele
blood type A+
Do you like the taste of bananas? Yes
Night Owl/Early Bird Night owl
Dupuytren's disease No
Secretor Status Rs601338 (a;g): secretor
Red Hair No
maternal or mTDNA haplogroup T2b7a2
Jewish Ancestry No
Penis Length 9"
introvert or extrovert Introvert
impaired NSAID drug metabolism Gi bleeding after 500mg ibuprofen!
Birth year 1956
Migraine frequency None
Sneezing induced by sexual ideation or orgasm? No
Phobia No
apthous in mouth tendency Rare
Negative reaction to fluoroquinolone antibiotics Unknown
Bone Mineral Density Unknown
Widow's Peak No
ear proximity to head Close
ABH Blood Group (antigens) Secretor (saliva non-secretor)
Eye color Blue-grey
Handedness Right-handed
Height 186cm
Hair Color Blond born, today dark brown
Hair Type Baby fine, slightly wavy, later straight
Freckling No
white skin White skin
Ability to Tan Moderate
Beard Color Brown-grey
lips size Small
form of the nose Roman-nose
Index Toe Longer than Big Toe Index toe larger than big toe
ring finger longer than index finger Yes
hair on fingers No
Webbed toes Not webbed
natural skinny No trouble gaining weight, no trouble losing it
Number of toes 10 (5 + 5)
Number of wisdom teeth 2
Neanderthal 2,7 %
Political Ideology Liberal
Sports interest Somewhat
Jogger Rare
Enjoy driving a car Yes
Enjoy riding a motorbike No
Enjoy watching TV Moderate
Enjoy using the Internet Yes
Tongue roller Non
Colour Blindness Not colour blind
Taste of broccoli Like it
Nicotine dependence Never-non-smoker
Asthma No
Sport interest Medium
Wake up preference Late riser
Good / poor eater as child Good eater
Fish Preference Like
Artistic ability Medium
Ability to find a bug in openSNP High
Interest in Spirituality and Mysticism Medium
Physician-diagnosed celiac/coeliac disease No
Lactose intolerance Lactose tolerant
ADHD Undiagnosed, but probably true
Type II Diabetes Normal
Insect bites and stings I'm not allergic
Short-sightedness (Myopia) Low
Amblyopia False
excessive daytime sleepiness No
Cystic Fibrosis Like Disease No
Strabismus False
Autoimmune disorder Undiagnosed
Astigmatism False
Photic Sneeze Reflex (Photoptarmis) No sneezing
Metabolic Syndrome [MetS] Undiagnosed
Sense of smell Poor
Social Level Little social
Woolnerian Tip (Darwin's Tubercle) False
Acrophobia No
Tea consumption 1 - 3 daily
Intolerance: gluten, casein, soy Rs2300753 CC and no intolerance
Abnormal Blood Pressure Normal
Ancestry Northern european
Interested in news from real newspaper / news from the Internet Daily internet, little or no newspaper
Like the taste of Stevia No
Energy Level Varies
Atheism No
SAT Math Country with no sat
SAT Writing Country with no sat
SAT Verbal Country with no sat
Panic Disorder No
Penicillin reaction Penicillin allergy
Age learned to read Early reader
Morton's Toe Second toe longer
Subjective dream intensity Low
Sexual Preferences Opposite sex attraction
libido Medium
Peanut butter preference Like peanut butter and prefer chunky.
Allergic/bad reaction to fish oil supplements Unknown
Lisp No
Aspirin Allergy Unknown
Blood type A+ (A/O)
ABO Rh Rh+ (+/+)
Diego Blood Group Di(a-b+)
Kell Blood Group (K/k antigens) K-k+
Kidd Blood Group Jk(a+b+)
Sex Male
Migraine No
Wanting to be immortal Immortalist
Cat or Dog person Dog
cluster headache No
Can you smell cut-grass? Yes
Eurogenes Baltic/Mediterranean
Have ME/CFS Yes
Eye with Blue Halo No
Smell of coffee in urine Yes
Y-DNA Haplogroup (ISOGG) R1b1a2a1a2b2 s206/z36
mtDNA Haplogroup (PhyloTree) T2b7a2
Faktor 5 Leiden (F5) rs6025 A/G heterozygot
Boldness type Mid-frontal
Body shape Hourglass
No headaches EVER Yes
rolled tongue No
Allergic rhinitis Grass pollen
Sporting activity participation Individual non-contact
Hashimoto's No
Black White
Hand span R23.7 l24.0
Earwax type Wet, dry
Enneagram Personality Type Type 1 - Perfectionist / Reformer
congenital talipes equinovarus (CTEV) No
Hair color changed from blonde to brown Blonde as child
Foot length 28.5
Age you started wearing glasses 50
Irritable Bowel Syndrome No issues unless i consume wheat, gluten, dairy and sugar.
Reading habits Mostly non-fiction
ethnicity Crown of Aragon´╗┐ - Teutonic
Seborrhoeic Dermatitis Yes
Nickel Dermatitis Don't know
Adult Second Language Acquistion Aptitude No
Preference for Loud Music None/dislikes
Photophobia None noted
Favorite Color/Colour Yellow
You look like the flame of the fire? I like
Hypermobility None
Raynaud's I have no symptomes
Diagnosed with Sleep Apnea? No
Daily Sleep Duration (hours) 8-10
Do you have a parent who was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease? No
Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver rs7946 T/T undiagnosed
Dyslexia Yes
Motion sickness Yes
Serotonin transporter Rs25532 G/G less sensitive to pain
Coffee consumption 2 cups/day
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator INTP
Do you have dust-mite allergies Yes I have dust mite allergies
Fight or flight response (see description) Fight
Nationality Swiss
Autism No
Pressure Sensitivity of the Ear Medium
Ear Infections In Childhood Never
MethyleneTetraHydroFolate Reductase (MTHFR) C667t homozygous mutation
One Warrior Gene/One Non-Warrior Gene 3 Repeats Warrior Variant
White skin, black straight hair, B+ blond hair, caucasian
glass eye None
Bicuspid aortic valve Normal
Hereditary breast and ovarian cancer BRCA1 rs4986852 A/G known as S1040N ~ 3,5%
Keratoconus Disease No
Response to Methotrexate Hepatotoxicity (don't kill my liver) DHFR gene mutation!
Skintype Skin Type 2
Sleep Disorders No
Walk in nature on the roads Will always choose a earth track over a paved path
Clotting disorder V and XI
Allergy to artificial grape flavoring Only itch me
Toe Thumbs Normal thumbs
Skin - Fitzpatrick Scale Type ii
Haemophilia/Hemophilia Factor XI rs2289252 T/T
Little fingers(pinkies) Bend outward slightly
Cramps Rarely
nosebleeds as a child Yes
Sensitivity to Mosquito Bites Moderate reaction
Vegetarianism/Preference for Meat None
Degree of Empathy Rs53576 gg
Keloid Rs873549 tt
Can You Spread Your Toes? Yes- both feet
Extra Fingers (Polydactyly) None
Number of fingers Standard
Multiple Sclerosis None
At what altitude you live or have lived most of their lives? 680 meters
Affinity For Animals Yes
Musical Perfect Pitch No
Allergy to Strawberries, Tomatoes, Citrus No
Palpitations Unrelated To Food, Alcohol, Drugs or Exercise No
Hair Length Long
Ambition Not really
I dance.... Lack of affection (INTP)