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Characteristic Variation
eye colour Blue
Pale Medium light
Ability to Tan Burn then tan
Coffee consumption 1 cup/dday
Sensitivity to smell High
hair on fingers Slight
Enjoy driving a car No
form of the nose Strong prominent bridge
Vegetarianism/Preference for Meat Only chicken,fish and turkey
how do you like your steak? Almost burned
Good / poor eater as child Good eater
Handedness Left-handed
Sex Female
Astigmatism Right eye only
Sports interest Somewhat
Body complexity Curvy
Personality Disorder test - top result None
sex drive Low
Political Ideology Thats what is wrong with the world now
Taste of broccoli Fucking delicious
Cramps Leg, menstrual or stomach? the question is too vague.
hair on ear No
Age learned to read 4
Number of wisdom teeth 1
natural skinny Yes - especially as a kid (went into low-normal range as adult)
Ancestry Mixed european (north, central, southern and eastern)
Motion sickness Depends on what and where
CMV serostatus Have no idea
Hypertriglyceridemia Not diagnosed
Eurogenes Have no idea
Purposefulness Purposeful
Index Toe Longer than Big Toe Big toe larger then second or index toe
Freckling None
Nicotine dependence Never-non-smoker
Hair Type Mostly straight
Earlobe: Free or attached Free
Body shape Pear
Reading habits Mostly fiction
Musical Perfect Pitch I have musical abilities
Academic degree Bachelors
I dance.... Very happy , but there is little time
Weight 120
Fish Preference Fish is better than beef
Social Level Little social
Migraine Yes, without aura
Ambition Ambitious
Gestures when speaking Sometimes i notice
Preference for Loud Music I like loud music but not excessivly.
Height 5'4"
ABH Blood Group (antigens) B+ (r1r2)
Tongue roller Tongue roller
Age you started wearing glasses 10
Affinity For Animals Yes
hair colour Blonde
SAT Verbal 530
Blood type B+
Smell of coffee in urine Strongly
Migraine frequency 1-3 attacks a month on average
Degree of Empathy Extreme
Artistic ability Excellent
Interests-General Science, genetics, psychology, internet, tech.
Wake up preference Late riser
lips size Small