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Characteristic Variation
Sensitivity to Mosquito Bites Extreme reaction
Do You Have Lucid Dreams? Yes, occasional
Do You Suffer From Agoraphobia? No
Preference for Loud Music Strongly dislike loud music
ethnicity Mixed
Ancestry East asian and northern european
eye colour Brown
Earwax type Wet
Tongue roller Tongue roller
Lactose intolerance Partially lactose intolerant - surfaces with a lot of dairy products in one day
Coffee consumption 2 cups/day
Ability to Tan Easily deeply tan & rarely burn
Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Rs7946 t/t fatty liver diagnosed
Hair Type Near black, thick, slightly wavy
Hair Color Black
Height 5'7"
white skin Olive skin
brown hair colour Brown-black
excessive daytime sleepiness Yes
Peanut butter preference Like peanut butter and prefer chunky.
SAT Verbal 690
Lipoma At least 2-4
Weight 165 lb
Walk in nature on the roads Will always choose a earth track over a paved path
Allergic rhinitis Dust, mold, dander, and the rest
Astigmatism True
Can you smell cut-grass? Yes