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Characteristic Variation
Can You Spread Your Toes? Yes- both feet
Peanut butter preference Like peanut butter and prefer chunky.
double jointed thumbs No
sex drive High
SAT Verbal Country with no sat
Physician-diagnosed celiac/coeliac disease No
Squizophrenia Dont have a clue
Have You Been Diagnosed With Brown's Syndrome (Tendon Sheath Syndrome)? No
Anorgasmia Difficulty achieving orgasm while taking ssris
Smell of coffee in urine No
Do you have dust-mite allergies No- i do not have dust-mite allergies
Fish Preference Like
Number of toes 10 (5 + 5)
Extra Fingers (Polydactyly) None
Hair Color Dirt-blonde
blood type A+
Chronotype - Morningness-eveningness questionnaire (MEQ) Night owl w/ circadian disorder
Hashimoto's Dont know
Neanderthal 2.9% at 23andme
Daily Sleep Duration (hours) 8-10
Freckling No
Phobia pressure cookers
Colour Blindness Not color blind
Vegetarianism/Preference for Meat 50/50
how do you like your steak? Rare
Enjoy watching TV Moderate
Migraine frequency 6-11
Erythromycin allergy No
Cat or Dog person Cats and dogs
Reading habits Fiction and non-fiction equally
Sports interest No interest in sports
mouth size Small
Subjective dream intensity High
Boldness type Hey theres one of your bugs boldness =baldness ??? me im not bald at all
Tongue roller Tongue roller
Pressure Sensitivity of the Ear High
Sleep Disorders Insomnia, narcolepsy /w cataplexy, narcolepsy /wo cataplexy, idiopathic hypersomnia, parasomnias, sleep apnea
white skin Caucasian
Wake up preference Non-24 / late riser
Depression Yes
Broad face No
IQ 148
Do you like the taste of hops? Yes
How many wisdom teeth did you have/ do you have (if you know). 4
Sex Female
I dance.... Very well
Persistant Muscle Pain or Fatigue Daily muscle pain and fatigue
Degree of Empathy High (stoical)
Earlobe: Free or attached Free
Taste of broccoli Dislike
Walk in nature on the roads Will always choose a earth track over a paved path
Sense of smell Above average
Does cilantro taste like soap to you? It used to but i like it now
Good / poor eater as child Picky eater
eye colour Blue
Rh Factor: A Positive A+
excessive daytime sleepiness Yes
Height 5' 2 1/2"
african-northern european Northern european
Webbed toes None
MethyleneTetraHydroFolate Reductase (MTHFR) That's a genotype, not a phenotype. and an advertisement apparently.
Irritable Bowel Syndrome Yes
Artistic Talent Very talented
Homophobia - Questionnaire Result Not at all homophobic
Ear wiggling No
Ear Infections In Childhood Frequent
Hair Type Curly