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Characteristic Variation
form of the nose Bumb/hump/knuckle
Handwriting/Fine Motor Skills Slight
African No
Handedness Right-handed
Height 5'2"
Cholesterol High
SAT - when taken 1971
blood type A+
Birth year 1953
Academic degree Bachelors
Eyebrow Mover Both
Rythm Test Result 68%
Do you grind your teeth Yes
ear proximity to head Close
I dance.... At the drop of a hat
natural skinny Yes - especially as a kid (went into low-normal range as adult)
Can You Spread Your Toes? Yes- both feet
Sneezing induced by sexual ideation or orgasm? No
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator ISTP
Mental Disease Depression
black skin No
hair on fingers Yes
Farnsworth Munsell 100 Hue Test 4
Sport interest Hardly
Interest in Spirituality and Mysticism Slight
Number of fingers Standard
apthous in mouth tendency Sometimes
Neanderthal 3.0% or 95th
Eye with Blue Halo Yes
Dimple in the chin No
Does cilantro taste like soap to you? No
Sexual Preferences Same sex attraction
Good / poor eater as child Poor eater
Freckling I haven´t ,only in hand-light
Hair Color Brown
Hypermobility In hands only
Income Range? $50k
double jointed thumbs Yes
Penicillin reaction None
Sense of smell Poor
Daily Sleep Duration (hours) 6-8
Lactose intolerance Lactose tolerant
Enjoy using the Internet Yes
Sporting activity participation Individual non-contact
Asthma Chronic asthma
Widow's Peak No
ring finger longer than index finger Yes
Keratoconus Disease True
Earlobe: Free or attached Free
Female with Ring Finger longer than Index Finger Yes
SAT Math 630
SAT Verbal 670