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Characteristic Variation
Sexual Preferences Opposite sex is somewhat more attractive
SAT Writing 700
Eurogenes R1b1b2a1a2f
Eye color Dark blue
Handedness Left-handed
Tongue roller Non-roller
Astigmatism True
Earwax type Wet
Blood type O+
Ability to Tan Poor
Index Toe Longer than Big Toe Index toe larger than big toe
ring finger longer than index finger Yes
Beard Color Red
Ancestry British isles, northern europe
Fish Preference Like
natural skinny Yes
Social Level Introverted
Wake up preference Early riser
Cholesterol Low/normal
Autism No
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Infj
Does cilantro taste like soap to you? No
Asparagus Metabolite Detection Yes
Taste of broccoli Like it
Favorite Color/Colour Magenta/purple
Migraine frequency Rarely
Tea consumption 2-3 cups/day
Neanderthal 2.5% at 23andme
mtDNA Haplogroup (PhyloTree) I2a
Do you grind your teeth Have been told i did sometimes while sleeping
Blood Type O+
nosebleeds as a child yes
Age you started wearing glasses 11
Do you have a parent who was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease? Yes, my mother
Can You Spread Your Toes? Yes- both feet
Sexuality Not heterosexual
Number of wisdom teeth 4 (before extraction)
Fight or flight response (see description) Depends if he is armed
Can you smell cut-grass? Yes
Serotonin transporter No idea
Moles raised None
form of the nose Straight w/narrow bridge
Asthma No
Panic Disorder No
Acrophobia No
Dyslexia No
Allergic/bad reaction to fish oil supplements No
Penicillin reaction Penicillin allergy
Migraine Yes, always with aura
number of biological children 0
SAT Math 700
Hair Color Dirty blonde, light brown, something?
R1b1a2a1a1b R1b1b2a1a2f*
Motion sickness Only sea-sickness
Peanut butter preference Like peanut butter and prefer chunky.
blood type O+
Lactose intolerance Lactose tolerant
Coffee consumption Slow metabolizer
Sport interest Hardly
MSG tastes... initially pleasant, bad aftertaste
Interest in Spirituality and Mysticism I belive in the spirits and the other side
Little fingers(pinkies) Little fingers are straight
apthous in mouth tendency Rare
Nicotine dependence Non-smoker
Preference for Loud Music None/dislikes
sex drive Medium
SAT Verbal 660
Jogger No
How many wisdom teeth did you have/ do you have (if you know). Had 4 now none
Ear - darwin's tubercle Not present
Aspirin Allergy No
ABH Blood Group (antigens) O+
Chronotype - Morningness-eveningness questionnaire (MEQ) 75
Diagnosed with Sleep Apnea? No
Sneezing induced by sexual ideation or orgasm? No
Height 6'2"
Colon cancer ONLY FOR (rs3219489 GG)! Cg