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Characteristic Variation
Webbed toes None
Number of toes 10 (5 + 5)
Eye color Green-brown
mtDNA Haplogroup (PhyloTree) X2b
Tea consumption Occasionaly
Fat-pad knee syndrome No
Allergic rhinitis Tree pollen
Hair color changed from blonde to brown Light ash brown to dark ash brown
Age you started wearing glasses 3
Handedness Primarily right-handed but for active, more detailed activities (e.g. writing, drawing, using scissors, etc.); less precise, slow, and less focused movements are done with my left hand (e.g. driving/steering, pulling/pushing to open doors, etc.)
SAT Verbal 730
SAT Math 800
Height 5'1" or 155cm
Photic Sneeze Reflex (Photoptarmis) Photic sneezer with the snp