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Characteristic Variation
Astigmatism Mild
Earwax type Wet
Beard Color No beard-female
eye colour Blue
Sports interest Somewhat
Subjective dream intensity High
Atheism No
Aspirin Allergy No
Like the taste of Stevia Yes
Cystic Fibrosis Like Disease No
Diagnosed with Sleep Apnea? No
cluster headache No
Artistic ability Excellent
Interest in Spirituality and Mysticism Strong
Morton's Toe Second toe longer
Does cilantro taste like soap to you? No
Eye with Blue Halo No
Panic Disorder No
Eyebrow Mover Left eyebrow can be raised only
sex drive High
SAT Writing 800
SAT Math 790
Height 5'7"
Birth year 1973
Boldness type I am not bald
ABO Rh O +
First word Don't know
Autoimmune disorder Hashimoto's thyroiditis
Lisp No
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Entp
Diego Blood Group Di(a-b+)
Fat-pad knee syndrome No
Vitiligo No
prognathism No (normal jaw)
Jogger Rare
Index Toe Longer than Big Toe Index toe longer
Moles raised Few
Tongue roller Tongue roller
Handedness Ambidexterous, write with right hand
Widow's Peak Yes
Handwriting/Fine Motor Skills Excellent
Fainting Upon Seeing Blood/Gore/Violence No
Vegetarianism/Preference for Meat 50/50
Age learned to read 1
white skin Pale white
ethnicity Irish/Northern European/Scottish
Ancestry British isles, northern europe
Freckling Moderate
Hair Type Red, fine, wavy and dense
Hair Color Red
Enjoy driving a car Yes
Sneezing induced by sexual ideation or orgasm? No
Can you smell cut-grass? Yes
Do you have a parent who was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease? No
Migraine No
Acrophobia No
Fish Preference Dislike
Good / poor eater as child Picky eater
SAT Verbal 800
Ability to find a bug in openSNP Extremely high
Political Ideology Green
Photic Sneeze Reflex (Photoptarmis) Photic sneezer
Jewish Ancestry 1% ashkenazi
Colour Blindness Not colour blind
Sex Female
Sexual Preferences Opposite sex is somewhat more attractive
ABH Blood Group (antigens) Non abo blood group kell k-k+ (gg)
apthous in mouth tendency When i was young, not now
Insect bites and stings Bee allergy
head form Small head/ square-round face
Faktor 5 Leiden (F5) Yes homozygous cc