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Characteristic Variation
Tongue roller Tongue roller
Blood type A-
Birth year 1963
Earwax type Wet
lips size Full lips
Aspirin Allergy No
Migraine frequency Rarely
Smell of coffee in urine Unknown (don't drink coffee)
eye colour Brown
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Infp
Amblyopia False
Like the taste of Stevia No
Freckling Light, more as a child
Enjoy watching TV Very little
ear proximity to head Close
mtDNA Haplogroup (PhyloTree) U5a1a1
Hair Type Brown, straight, slight wave
Subjective dream intensity Rare memories of dreams
Irritable Bowel Syndrome Yes (severe)
Lisp No
Tea consumption 2-3 cups/day
Handedness Right-handed
Y-DNA Haplogroup (ISOGG) R1b1b2a1a2d3a
Intolerance: gluten, casein, soy Gluten & casein intolerant, soy tolerant
First word Don't know
Energy Level Low
Boldness type I am not bald
Height 5'6"
Lactose intolerance Partially lactose intolerant - surfaces with a lot of dairy products in one day
Photic Sneeze Reflex (Photoptarmis) No sneezing
Ability to Tan Yes
Peanut butter preference Do not like peanut butter
mouth size Large
prognathism No (normal jaw)
Jogger Regular, sometimes, rare, never
SAT Verbal 760
Eye with Blue Halo Yes
brown hair colour Light brown
Motion sickness No
Autism No
Rheumatoid Arthritis No
Interests-General History, biography, genealogy, spirituality
Physician-diagnosed celiac/coeliac disease 1
Number of wisdom teeth 4 (before extraction)
Eye color Brown-green
Hair Color Light brown
Asthma Allergy induced, mainly when younger
Index Toe Longer than Big Toe Big toe larger then second or index toe
Sports interest No interest in sports
SAT Writing 750
excessive daytime sleepiness Yes
Taste of broccoli Ok - better cooked in stir fry
Phobia No
Astigmatism True
apthous in mouth tendency Never
CMV serostatus Have no idea
Wake up preference Early riser
Penis Circumference at Glans N/a
Serotonin transporter No idea
cluster headache No