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HI i´m Svan from Georgia my y-chromos. J2a* unique example of DYS434=7 MY MTDNA :X2e2a

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Svan's genotype

Svan has uploaded genotyping rawdata.

Characteristic Variation
white skin Caucasian
Handedness right-handed
Ability to find a bug in openSNP LOW ABILITY
Hair Type straight
Nicotine dependence Non-smoker
Ability to Tan moderate
Short-sightedness (Myopia) low
Coffee consumption i don´t drink cofee
Beard Color Red-Blonde-Brown-Black(in diferent parts i have different color,for example near the lips blond-red
Height Average 173cm
Freckling i haven´t ,only in hand-light
Moles raised few
Amblyopia True
Astigmatism True
Strabismus True
Colour Blindness False
Tongue roller Tongue roller
Interest in Spirituality and Mysticism STRONG
Artistic ability Excellent
Abnormal Blood Pressure Normal...
Asthma False
Webbed toes None
Morton's Toe No
Woolnerian Tip (Darwin's Tubercle) False
ADHD False
Birth year 1982
Colon cancer ONLY FOR (rs3219489 GG)! Don't know
Eye color Brown
Fat-pad knee syndrome No
R1b1a2a1a1b No
Ancestry Caucasian
ethnicity Caucasian
Lactose intolerance Genetically intolerant but drink raw milk and eat lots of dairy.
Earwax type Wet, dry
eye colour Brown
Phobia No
Wake up preference Early riser
Migraine frequency None
Cystic Fibrosis Like Disease No
Like the taste of Stevia Yes
lips size Normal/medium
ear proximity to head Close
Hair color changed from blonde to brown Always brown
First word Mama
Blood type B+
mtDNA Haplogroup (PhyloTree) X2e2a
Tea consumption 1-2 cups/day
cluster headache No
Interests-General History,foreign language learning,reading, politics,genealogy,some gnostic
Sports interest Strongly
Subjective dream intensity High
I dance.... Very happy , but there is little time
double jointed thumbs No
Third Nipple None
Diagnosed with Sleep Apnea? No
hair on ear No
Adult Second Language Acquistion Aptitude Easy to learn 2nd language
Photophobia None noted
Vegetarianism/Preference for Meat 50/50
Preference for Loud Music None/dislikes
Favorite Color/Colour Green
Hair Color Brown
Pale Medium light
Pressure Sensitivity of the Ear High
Panic Disorder No
Ambition Ambitious
Personality Disorder test - top result None
Blood Type B+
Negative reaction to fluoroquinolone antibiotics Unknown
Allergic/bad reaction to fish oil supplements No
Clotting disorder None
Would you invite strangers into your living space? Depends on the reason
Insect bites and stings Sensitive to mosquito bites
mouth size Medium
Squizophrenia No
Daily Sleep Duration (hours) 6-8
Hair color Dark brown
Cardiac Arterial Disease No
SAT Verbal Never taken
Walk in nature on the roads Will always choose a earth track over a paved path
brunette Caucasian
Eye with Blue Halo No
Chest Pain on Ritalin Don't know, have never taken ritalin
Sport interest Strongly
IQ 148