SNP rs234706

Basic Information
Name rs234706
Chromosome 21
Position 43065240
Weight of evidence 25
Additional Information

Publications on this SNP on the Public Library of Science:

First Author Title Year of Publication # of readers
Sangmi Kim Association between Genetic Variants in DNA and Histone Methylation and Telomere Length 2012 4072
Ilana Blech Predicting Diabetic Nephropathy Using a Multifactorial Genetic Model 2011 3791
Rubina Tabassum Genetic Variant of AMD1 Is Associated with Obesity in Urban Indian Children 2012 3204

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Title Summary
rs234706 A/A 0.50 reduced risk of cleft lip / palate, 0.51 reduced risk of non-hodgkin lymphoma. increased responsiveness to homocysteine-lowering effects of folic acid.
rs234706 A/G 0.94 reduced risk of cleft lip / palate
rs234706 G/G Common in clinvar
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