Connect your Fitbit logo dark 100px account to openSNP

Fitbit is a wearable gadget which allows you to track your activities (How many steps have you taken? How many floors have you climbed?), your sleep (How long did you sleep? How often were you awoken at night?) and also allows you to track your body-development (i.e. your weight/BMI). The data collected by and through your Fitbit is a valuable extension of the phenotypes you've already entered into openSNP.

Once you've connected your Fitbit account to openSNP, we will automatically get your latest data from Fitbit. Each time you sync your Fitbit tracker or enter new data on Fitbit the changes will also appear on openSNP. Currently we save data about your activities, your body and your sleep.

The data will be public on the openSNP website, like all other phenotypes. However, you can decide which categories to connect with openSNP and which to not.

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You want to learn more about the integration of Fitbit into openSNP or have a question? Have a look at the FAQ.